Do you want to be on our VIP waitlist?

Here is what you need to know…

To be on our VIP waitlist, you will be required to pay a deposit of $50.00.  This deposit guarantees you a kitten from me.  I will take 2 people for each litter.  One person for a boy and one person for a girl.  The waitlist deposit goes toward the purchase price of your kitten and is payable via Zelle, Venmo, or Paypal.

****Scroll down to availability and please read the VIP waitlist agreement before contacting me to be put on our waitlist.


2023 Breedings

We anticipate having kittens from Roulette, Kora, and Tabata in 2023.  All of our future queens will be bred to our future king Mowgli.  We are currently undergoing health screenings and color panels for each of our ragdolls.  Stay tuned for updates


Below is a our VIP waitlist agreement for you to preview.  Please contact me via email with interest in one of our kittens and being placed on our VIP waitlist.   I will email you an agreement for you to sign.  The form below is here just for a preview for your understanding.


Velveteen Paws and Dolls

Agreement For VIP Waitlist Deposit

Thank you for your interest in a Ragdoll Kitten.  We are very happy that you chose to purchase your new kitten from us. The waitlist deposit guarantees you a kitten from us. We do our best to meet your expectations however, we cannot control the color or sex of kittens produced. Waitlist deposits are non-refundable should you change your mind and go somewhere else for a kitten so, please be sure that you want a kitten from us.  However, in the event that you are set on a specific gender, and it is not produced you will have the option of transferring your waitlist deposit to the next litter (you will fall into second position if first is already chosen on the next litter) OR at that time only, you may opt to be issued a refund, this option is only valid for 72 hours after you have been notified of the litters birth.  This will give you time to consider your options. (Transfer to another litter, select from kittens produced, or request a refund) I keep kittens on temporary hold for 4 weeks at that time you will need to make your decision and you will have 24 hours to place your reservation fee of $300.00 to hold your kitten. Our kittens tend to be reserved quickly and we do not hold kittens without the reservation fee.

*Your VIP deposit of $50.00, along with your $300.00 reservation fee goes towards the overall cost of your kitten with remaining balance due at pick up or one week prior to shipping.  Kittens stay with us for 12 weeks.

*TICA registration papers are mailed after written notification of spay/neuter from the veterinarian or spay/neuter clinic has been provided, unless you are purchasing this kitten as a breeder in which case, TICA registration will be given the day of pick up.

* In an effort to keep our family and fur family members safe, we do not allow visitors into our home.  We can make appointment times for phone calls or facetime.  You will be sent pictures and/or videos every 10 to 14 days.  If you are local, you may come to our home to pick up your kitten, the number of persons coming may be limited.

*Kittens receive a comprehensive vet exam, multiple de-wormings, age-appropriate vaccines issued by our licensed veterinarian, Florida Health Certificate, litter box trained, very well socialized, and a one year genetic health guarantee. You will be required to sign a spay/neuter agreement and a health contract/guarantee at the time of paying your reservation fee, which clearly states our guarantee.

*Breeder always reserves the right to first pick kitten.  In the event that only one female/male is born and the breeder chooses to keep her/him, the waitlist deposit will be refunded OR you may choose to wait for subsequent litters.

*All kittens go home with a kitten essential care bag which includes: a sample of our dry and canned food, toys, a blanket that smells like mom, health records, and health certificate.

I acknowledge that I have read this agreement and accept the terms as written.

Buyer signature:________________________________ Printed Name:______________________

Deposit received on: ___/__/____ Gender:___________ Out of: _____________________